Thursday, 2 March 2017

One stormy night there was nine cats sleeping in a house called Harry, Fluffy, Kevin, Ken, Kerry, Carl, Bob, Dave and queen Elizabeth when all the cats were sleeping well sort of Kevin,Carl,Ken and kerry dive out of the bedroom window! Then order there ninja cats to take over the house! They turn all the cats into…… SLAVES!!! Give us all your trinkets and treasure all your silver and gold all your……  that won't be necessary interrupts queen elizabeth we only have fish she says in her posh voice  be of with you then says Ken ninja cats! The ninja cats come as fast as lightning and take away queen elizabeth oh the ignominy says  queen elizabeth the ninja cats also take all the cats fish come on boys says kevin i,m getting hungry  a few seconds later….. Why did you have to set the house on fire!!!  yells Carl hey look it's raining cats and hot dogs says bob yikes let's get out of here boys! Yay look the fire is out! Cheers bob but what about kevin,carl,ken and kerry oh they'll be all right said dave with a slight smile.

                   THE END.

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